General PS Vita Guide & Tutorial

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General PS Vita Guide & Tutorial.

A compilation of all the stuff you REALLY and ABSOLUTELY need to know about the PS Vita, to use it to your heart contents.
Disclaimer:Obligatory comment that makes you, the reader, aware that it is your fault if you screw somehow while following my indications.

Use CTRL+F & Index Below to quick access the specific part of this guide you need to read and follow. If this is the first time you hack your console, might as well read it all.
[Part 0] – Preventive Steps – Playing safe
[Part 1] – Hacking the console – Installing Henkaku
[Part 1.5] – Updating VitaShell
[Part 1.9] – Installing the Whitelist – Making the PS TV a full-fledged PSVita
[Part 2] – Installing Games – Installing VPKs
[Part 2.5] – Installing Game Updates – Updating Games
[Part 2.9] – Installing DLC – DLC for FREE
[Part 3] – Installing Games – Installing with Maidumptools
[Part 4] – Enhanced Game Experience – Overclocking the console
[Part 5] – Preventing the Save File Error
[Part 6] – General Advices – Extra comments

[Part EXTRA] – PSP ISO Loading – Adrenaline eCFW
What do you need?
-A PSVita -or PS TV- at 3.60, no exceptions
-A PSVita memory card of any size

[Part 0] – Preventive Steps – Playing safe 

We will configure your console so it doens’t download the 3.61 update automatically.
You need:
-A Console you plan to hack
1) Open your console “Settings
2) Go to “System
3) Go to “Auto-Start Settings
4) Uncheck the “Download Update File for System Software

Now the console will not download the update and you will avoid an update nag.

[Part 1] – Hacking the console – Installing Henkaku 

The easiest step of them all…
…But before doing it make sure your Memory is in your console, this is REALLYimportant.
1) Visit on your console
2) Click install
3) Let it do its job
4) Once it finish it will return to the main menu

And that’s all, you will know you have hacked your console because you will see the MolecularShell bubble.
NoteYou need to run Henkaku each time you turn off your console completely, or after you reset it. If you don’t, the console won’t be able to load the backups and homebrews. If you put your console on sleep mode, you’re safe.

[Part 1.5] – Updating Vitashell

VitaShell is our file explorer and the tool we will be using always to manage our files.
But if you’re not on the latest version you have to update to it manually.
You need:
-A hacked console
1) Download the latest “VitaShell.vpk” from here
2) Open MolecularShell in your console, it will ask to update. Allow it to.
-You need to have the Wi-Fi ON in your console.
3) Open MolecularShell and press the (SELECT) button, you will now enable the FTP transfer features.
4) Open FileZilla, link it to your console.
-If, by some reason, you don’t know how to do this:
A) When you press select take note of the IP shown in your console: [consoleip]:[port]
B) Enter the [] digits before the “:” on the “Host” section of FileZilla
C) Enter the [xxxx] digits after the “:” in the “Port” section of FileZilla
D) Click “Quickconnect“, now your console will be linked to your FileZilla
5) Locate with FileZilla your “Vitashell.vpk” file on your PC
6) Search with FileZilla your “ux0:\app” folder in your console and open it
7) Transfer the “VitaShell.vpk” file to this folder.
-Right click on FileZilla and Upload
8) In MolecularShell, search for this file you transfered following the same path
9) In MolecularShell, execute the “VitaShell.vpk” file with (X) and install it.
-If it asks about security checks press (X), this is just a warning.
-After it installs, you can delete it with the (TRIANGLE) button menu.
Now you have VitaShell on its latest version. Now you can update VitaShell via Wi-Fi.
Each time a new version is releases, a popup will be launched asking you to update.

[Part 1.9] – Installing the Whitelist – Making the PS TV a full-fledged PS Vita 

So, the PS TV can’t play all the Vita games… under regular conditions that’s it.
The next step is to unlock the PS TV to make it able to play all the Vita games without problems.
Skip if you have a PS Vita.
You need:
-A Hacked PS TV with latest VitaShell
1) Download this
2) Extract that and link your PC and your PS TV with FileZilla.
3) Transfer the “AntiBlacklist.vpk” to the “ux0:\app” folder on the PS TV
4) Install the “AntiBlacklist.vpk” with VitaShell and use the homebrew to install the whitelist.
-You can delete the VPK now

Now you have installed the whitelist on your PS TV and it is as functional as a PS Vita.

[Part 2] – Installing Games – Installing VPKs 

This is what you all came to read, so let’s get directly to it.
You need:
-A hacked console with latest VitaShell
0) Overview: we will take the game.vpk we want to install, we will use VPKShrink to get 1 smaller vpk and a folder with all the game content on it. We will move these with QCMA to the console, then we will install the small VPK and we will replace the files with the folder we got with VPKShrink.
0.5) Download and install latest QCMA from here
This software is used to transfer files to the console, manage backups and other things like photos and videos, without updating our console to the latest version.
To use it you need to sync a PS Network account to it and your console, there’s no risk of updates. So, once you do that and you can connect your PC with your console move to the next step.
0.9) Download VPKShrink 4.0 from here
NOTE : All PS Vita Games from this site (711share) is all VPK Shrinked
So you can skip Step 0.9 & 1, and directly go to step 2
VPKShrink is a software that automatically extracts our “[GameID].vpk” files into 2 differet objects:
-The first is a small “Install-[GameID].vpk” that will be installed with VitaShell and will set the ground for
-The “[GameID] Folder“. This folder contains the game data and we just have to move it with VitaShell to the correct place.
So, into the actual install we go:
1) Take your “[GameID].vpk” and drop it over VPKShrink, a window will open:
-Change to Safe Mode? Y > This will make the vpk safe and you won’t risk briks when you install.
-Change title id(s)? N > This will make the files keep the proper ID so you know what you’re installing.
-Let it extract the files, once it is done a message will appear and any key will close the window.
2) Download this
-This is a special PSP save file you will place on your QCMA PSPsavefile folder
-Default route: “C:\Users\[User]\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\[16DigitsFolder]
-In the end, your “[16digitsfolder]” will contain the “VHBL0123X” folder
-You only need to do this once. Every next time you install a game, just ignore this step 2.
3) Move the “Install-[GameID].vpk” and the “[GameID] Folder” created by VPKShrink to the “vhbl” folder inside “VHBL0123X
4) Update the QCMA database, once it finish move on to next step.
-Right click the icon on the toolbar and select “Refresh Database” (You have to do this each time you change the files in the QCMA folders or the console won’t be able to read them)
5) On the console, open the “Content Maganer” and select “Copy Content
6) Select “PC to PS Vita“, then select “Applications
7) Move on to “Saved Data” section and select “PSP/OTher
8) Select the “VHBL” folder you will find and transfer it all over.
9) When it finish, close the content manager and open VitaShell.
10) Search for “ux0:\pspemu\psp\savedata\VHBL0123X\vhbl
11) Once there, install the “Install-[GameID].vpk
-Once it is installed, you can delete it.
12) Move the “[GameID]” Folder to “ux0:\app” folder.
-To delete and to move files you need to open the VitaShell options with (TRIANGLE)Button.
13) Get out of VitaShell and check your new game bubble, launch it and test if it is working, as it should.
Congratulations, you installed your first PS Vita game. Now you can delete the game files left in your PC.
Note that:
You can make a backup of the installed game with QCMA, so you don’t have to install it again.
You can transfer ANY file this way with QCMA, like DLC and update VPKs.
You SHOULD delete the leftovers files that were left in your “vhbl” folder on the PC. That way each time you transfer, you only transfer what you WANT to transfer and not the whole games all over again.

[Part 2.5] – Installing Game Updates – Updating Games 

Game updates fix and enhance playing experience and installing the updates is very easy.
Use this method only for Vitamin Dumps.
You need:
-A hacked console with a valid game you want to update
1) Transfer your “[GameUpdate].vpk” to your console with QCMA.
-Use the method explained in Part 2.
2) In Vitashell, search for your “[GameUpdate].vpk” and install it.
-After it is installed, you can delete it.

Now you installed an update VPK. It will automatically install in the respective game folder.

[Part 2.9] – Installing DLC – DLC for FREE 

Most of us know that the real fun of some games comes in the shape of DLC, so installing them is a must too.
Use this method only for Vitamin Dumps.
You need:
-A hacked console with a valid game you want to install the DLC.
1) On VitaShell, open the “ux0:” folder and create a new folder called “addcont_plain
-You can create new folders on VitaShell with the (TRIANGLE) menu
2) Select your DLC folders and transfer to the console with QCMA as explained in Part 2
3) In VitaShell, Move your DLC folders to “ux0:\addcont_plain
-Your DLC folders should be already inside a folder with your game ID
-For example “ux0:\addcont_plain\[GameID] folder\[DLC folders here]
Once you do this, you can exit VitaShell and your DLC will be ready to use.

[Part 3] – Installing Games – Installing with Maidumptools 

While VPKs require you to install them with VitaShell, Maidumps require a different approach.
You need:
-A hacked console with latest VitaShell
0) Overview: we will prepare our Maidump folders in the PC before we transfer them to the console. We will transfer our game folders to the console and then we will install them with Maidumptool. Since Maidumptool will relocate the files to where they belong, there’s no need to delete anything.
Note: While you use Maidumptools, remember that the (X) and the (CIRCLE) buttons are inverted.
0.5) Download and install the latest Maidumptool from here
0.9) Launch it, wait until it starts then close it.
1) Locate your “[GameID]” folder in your PC and make sure it is extracted (not a compressed file)
2) If your game comes with updates locate your “[GameID]_patch” folder in your PC and make sure it is extracted (not a compressed file).
3) If your game comes with DLC, locate the “[GameID]_addc” folder, make sure it is extracted (not a compressed file).
4) Transfer all your Mai folders with QCMA.
5) On the console, move the folders folder to “ux0:\mai
-Create the folder if it doesn’t exist.
6) Open MaiDumpTools, select “Install game from folder” and select your “[GameID]” folder.
-A warning will appear, just select (CIRCLE) again.
7) If your game comes with updates: select “Install patch from folder” and select your “[GameID]_patch” folder.
8) If your game comes with DLC: select “Install DLC from folder” and select your “[GameID]_addc
8.5) Once it is done, select “Switch game loading”, select the game you installed.
8.9) Navigate to the option 5 “Load mode 0 + I0 hook” and select it.
-Wait until it finish a message saying “Setting up is completed” to exit Maidumptools.

Now you just installed your first Maidumptools game. Congratulations.

[Part 4] – Enhanced Game Experience – Overclocking the console 

Some games just play bad before we do this, this will enhance all games overall. Warningit drains the battery faster.
You need:
-A hacked console with latest VitaShell
1) Download the latest release of “amphetamin.suprx” and “config.txt” from here
2) In your pc, create a new .txt named “game.txt“, open it and paste this on it “ux0:plugins/amphetamin.suprx 1” save and close.
3) Link your console and your PC with FileZilla.
4) On VitaShell, create a new folder on “ux0:” named “plugins
5) Transfer the “amphetamin.suprx“, “config.txt” and “game.txt” to the “plugins” folder in your console
6) Now inside your game, after it loads, press (SELECT) for some seconds and a menu will pop up:
CPU CLOCK > You can move this from 111Mhz to 444Mhz
BUS CLOCK > You can move this from 111Mhz to 222Mhz
GPU CLOCK > You can move this from 111Mhz to 222Mhz
7) Once you tweak your speeds, press (SELECT) to exit.
-Using (L) or (R) triggers will change between the different preset settings.
And there you have it, you just installed a plugin. There are other plugins you can add but I won’t cover that here.
Overclocking drains your battery life faster. Higher numbers=better performance.

[Part 5] – Preventing the Save File Error

A common error that can prevent us from saving or loading our games. We can prevent it from happening.
You need:
-A hacked console with latest VitaShell
1) Change your console to showcase 12-Hours format in settings.
2) Link your console and your PC with FileZilla
3) Locate this file “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat“, copy it to the PC and delete it from the console.
-Store it somewhere just in case.
4) Create a new folder on “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup” name it “list.dat

And that’s it, this should avoid breaking our savefiles and now your console can go to sleep mode without fear of breaking your console save features.

[Part 6] – General Advices – Extra comments 

1) Do NOT convert Maidumps to VPK. While you CAN do it, you will break the compatibility of the game with plugins and further Mai enhancements, so don’t do it.
2) Save constantly. Even with the Part 5 advice, it is encouraged to save often. We don’t know when a bug could popup.
3) Keep backups of your save files, there are homebrew for that.
4) Do NOT let the console run out of battery while you play. This might corrupt your savefiles and will make you lose game progress.
Anything else that has not been covered here is extra and has no place here.
Cheats and the likes aren’t essential and you will install and use them at your own risk.
If your console explodes or breaks while you do anything that isn’t listed here,that is your fault.
The guide will only be updated when anything better than what has been posted here is released. There’s no PS Vita emulator, don’t ask for it.

[Part EXTRA] – PSP ISO Loading – Adrenaline eCFW

It is finally out and you can play your PSP ISOS in your Vita just fine. There’s already a very good tutorial here and it is overall simple to perform. It is still a WIP project and not all PSP games are working 100% but MOST OF THEM DO.

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